Oct 3, 2018 Daily 

Typhoon nights

mosaichouse IWAKURA mosaichouse IWAKURA

The passing of the typhoon invites a beautiful stream of sunlight flooding into the empty spaces in our house. It had been a cozy two days in the wake up of the typhoon during the weekend. Surprisingly, everyone was home and we fixed ourselves warm light in our shared spaces. Saturday was spent lazing around in front of the television, briefly shuffling from the kitchen to the living making tea and nestling into the comfort of each other. Towards the end of the night, as we lit candles around the dining table as we gathered together to share a warm pot of nabe. There is nothing more emotionally uplifting than sharing food on a cold day. The night ended with beautiful conversations, moved by the buzz of alcohol. 

The typhoon came the next day and although we were prepared, it didn’t hit us as bad as we thought it would. However, we made the house a warm home for everyone, flooding it with warm light and the presence of each other. 

However, earlier in the afternoon, before the typhoon hit, we all woke up early to take a walk and visit a shrine near the house.

Mosaic Iwakura House is like family. We are family.