Nov 11, 2018 Daily 

Cleaning day!

mosaichouse IWAKURA mosaichouse IWAKURA

Every two Sundays of the month is big house cleaning day. For a massive house like ours, we need every ounce of help possible to clean every nook and cranny of the place. So we all get up early, put some music on and boogie while caring for the place we live in.


As it was brilliantly sunny, we brought all the plants in the house up on the rooftop for some good sun soaking.


Now, house plants are a strong asset for the betterment of a home. There has been a recent boom in bringing the greens back into the home and here in Mosaic Iwakura, with 9-people living in the house, we love having plants to brighten up the space and also purify the energy!


According to the article here, there are a lot of benefits that come with placing plants indoors of house. This includes cleaning the air of the house, healing oneself mentally and of course, this in turn encourage mood boosts!


If you feel your house is void of colors and life, why don’t you try putting some plants around the house? It could possibly be life changing!