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Welcome to Mosaic House Iwakura

mosaichouse IWAKURA mosaichouse IWAKURA

Hi, welcome to Mosaic Iwakura Sharehouse blog! We just recently opened our house in April and started with two fixed tenants, myself (Nabihah) and Anna. We generally manage the house but are also very laid-back individuals (just in case the image of nosy managers that harp on you on every little thing comes up). We both met as colleagues working in a hostel, Mosaic Hostel Kyoto, slightly associated with the share house and from then moved in together as the first residents of the house. 






Anna is a Hokkaido native, moved to Kyoto five-years ago and generally had such a good time, she decided to stay. While growing up, she had travelled around and lived in both America and Australia for about a year each. With such an international experience, she is typically bubbly and filled with such good energy most of the times and pretty much the stereotype of what a hostel worker is like, extremely easy-going, friendly and insanely laid-back. You’ll love her!




Nabihah is a Singaporean Native who moved to Kyoto 3.5years ago for university. She is quite a people person as someone who works in a hostel both in Japan and Singapore. Before moving into the sharehouse, she had also hosted numerous couch surfers in her home. Just like Anna, she has an open personality, really chilled out and a fun roommate to have while during your stay in Kyoto. 





Mosaic share house Iwakura is house located quite a distance away from the main city although it takes less than 30mins to get to the city centre by subway. It sits in the perfect balance between the hustle bustle of city life and the quiet and peace of the suburbs. Additionally, the house is extremely spacious with a big common kitchen, living room, dining room and study space. It is designed specifically for interactions between the house residence and to make sure everyone gathers together like a family. 




We would love to have more people stay in the house to keep the energy up and running! xx